Serbian Parliament adopted new Law Prevention of Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism. Key changes are introduction of obligation to collect data on the origin of property, recognition of trust as new category, new rules regarding assessment of risk, introduction of high risk measures in case of higher risk.

Application of this law caused many headaches to foreign investors, particularly to investors from off shore jurisdictions, trusts, investment funds etc. It is yet to be seen how obligors shall interpret and apply this law after entry into force that is scheduled for 01 April 2018.


Traditionally Serbian Parliament passed end of year amendments to the tax laws (Law on VAT, Law on Corporate Income Tax, Law on Personal Income Tax and Law on Mandatory Social Contributions).

Key changes include postponement of the obligation to file a “problematic” VAT calculation review form until 01 July 2018, supply of goods and services under concession contracts and PPP contracts with elements of concession will not be deemed to be supplies of goods and services and shall not trigger payment of VAT, possibility to write off of NPLs, scope of taxable services paid by residents to non-residents taxable is reduced, submission of tax return for withholding tax is relaxed , certain rules for transfer pricing are simplified.